Sail Austin is co-located with Lakeway Paddle Sports at 1499 Graveyard Point Rd in Austin, TX 78734. The charter location is west of downtown Austin on Lake Travis. The drive is approximately 24 miles and should take you about 40 minutes (unless it is rush hour!). Basically, you need to go to Hurst Creek which is just off Hwy 620. Access is through the suburb of Lakeway to Graveyard Point. So, find your way to Hwy 620 then follow the directions below depending on the way from which you are coming.

  • Enter Lakeway by turning left onto Lohman's Crossing Road and continuing straight for 2.0 miles to the stop sign at Hurst Creek Road (watch your speed - drops as low as 30MPH - the local authorities are VERY watchful and known to ticket for 2MPH over!).

  • IF YOU COME FROM MANSFIELD DAM ON HWY 620 (the area of FM2222):
  • Enter Lakeway by turning right onto Lakeway Blvd (watch your speed - the local authorities are VERY watchful and known to ticket for 2MPH over!).
  • Drive about 1.1 miles to the light at Lohman's Crossing Road and turn right.
  • Continue on Lohman's Crossing Road .6 miles to the stop sign at Hurst Creek Road.

  • Turn right onto Hurst Creek Road and drive 1.8 miles to Chipmonk Road. At this point you leave Lakeway.
  • Turn right onto Chipmonk Road (50 ft BEFORE the stop sign).
  • You will be at one of the oldest parts of the lake and the road becomes very narrow so take your time and drive SLOWLY through this area please! There may be people or deer walking along the road or a couple of the pet PEACOCKS appearing out of nowhere.
  • Go .3 miles, you will come to an intersection where you can go right to continue on Chipmonk Road or a sharp left - but instead veer slightly to the left onto a dirt road and continue for about 150 feet. You will likely see Cap'n Tim's white Jeep parked at your destination.
  • Arrive at Sail Austin Charters and Lakeway Paddle Sports. You will see a large sailing yacht and a dock with lots of kayaks and paddle boards.

  • Park anywhere on the right and grab a seat at one of the picnic tables. Text or call Cap'n Tim if you have any questions (817-909-2378). The Captain will meet you at the picnic tables.
Get excited about the experience!