Get On Board and Settle In

When you arrive at the yacht, we’ll grab your things and put them aboard. We like folks to have their hands free when they board the boat. To set the tone of comfort, we will even ask you to kick off your shoes!

Once aboard, feel free to take a brief walkthrough of the boat and settle into the non-routine of being on board. Grab a beverage and gather in the shaded cockpit for a brief safety orientation which lasts less than ten minutes but is ever so important to our Captain.

Just before departure we usually like to take a quick photo of everyone as a keepsake for you to have after your day on the water. (Some have suggested that it’s really to make sure we get back to the dock with all of the same people…NOT ! )

The Chill N’ Grill

If the charter is at least three hours or more, guests usually want to anchor and swim. This is a great time to raise the table in the cockpit and spread out the food both there and below in the main salon. Enjoying lunch or dinner in a quiet cove is a lovely experience.

If you do decide to swim, you’ll get to enjoy Sail Austin’s famous Chill Line  where guests have been known to hang out for hours, listening to music, floating in the water, keeping their bodies wet and their beers dry. There is an art to that!

After a leisurely lunch and swim we weigh anchor and set sail for the cruise home. Since we usually don’t really want to get back, we always take our time. After all, it’s sailing…there should never be a hurry.

The Outbound Cruise

When you charter the sailing yacht Quintessence  for a private sail, everything is really up to you. Just about the only thing we can not influence is the weather! If you love to sail or simply want to experience what sailing is all about, then the day can be all about sailing. We can cruise all day! But most of the people who charter with us tend to be more about simply getting on the lake for a unique experience.

Also, some prefer to spend the day relaxing and enjoying their favorite beverages. Others are intrigued about how the boat is actually sailed. Our Captain has sailed his whole life and loves introducing people to the sport as well as the lifestyle. If you would like to understand what is going on with the actual sailing, just ask. He’s happy to share his knowledge of sailing. Feel free to turn your personal day into a sailing lesson. Or, if you would like to get your hands on the wheel and learn to steer the 27,000 lb vessel, we’re happy for you to do that. You may be surprised…. it handles like a Ferrari! Don’t worry, you’ll always be under the Captain’s watchful eye. The risk is you may fall in love… with sailng!

The Cruise Home

As the latter part of the charter approaches, we reluctantly set sail for home. Often, when the sails are planned this way, we may be on a downwind run into the sunset. Downwind runs are typically very calm and relaxing with the breeze at our back watching the sun settle into the Texas Hill Country.

The charter can be a daysailing experience or a mix of day/sunset/ and night sailing. YES, we sail at night! It can absolutely be the most beautiful time to sail… especially if you have a beautiful moon as mother nature’s lantern guiding the way. Regardless, your Captain knows the lake and has sailed the lake since he was a teen. He will slip the boat into the marina and get you safely back to your starting point. Hopefully, you will be relaxed, a bit tired from the day and sun, and already thinking about returning to sail again!

Your’s To Create

The majority of our guests have never sailed yet something drew them to Sail Austin. If you are having a bachelorette party or just a girls’ weekend and you want to swim and laugh and visit, then we can sail a while, anchor in a cove as long as you like and then sail or even motor back to the marina. Maybe you are having a family outing and it’s all about catching up with each other in a beautiful environment, or making a memory with your kids. Possibly you are planning to propose to the most special person in your life. When that happens, we always value that you allowed us to give you that once-in-a-lifetime moment! (20% discount on any repeat proposal charters!) Maybe you’re bringing your sales team out for a rewarding day on the lake to show your appreciation for their hard work. You might even hold a meeting on the spacious aft deck of Quintessence ! Its been done before…

So, what is a typical charter? The experience is truly yours to create. Simply speak with your Captain and we’ll make sure the memory is what you want it to be AND MORE.