Sail Austin is located at Hurst Harbor Marina at 16405 Clara Van St, Austin, TX 78734. The charter location is west of downtown Austin on Lake Travis. The drive is approximately 22 miles and should take you about 35-40 minutes (unless it is rush hour!). Basically, you need to go to Hurst Creek which is just off Hwy 620. So, find your way to Hwy 620 then look for the Lexus dealership which is on 620. If you are coming from Mansfield Dam, the dealership will be on your right and you will turn right immediately after the dealership onto Clara Van St. If you are coming from Hwy 71 and 620, you will turn left onto Clara Van St immediately before the Lexus dealership which will be on your left. There is a sign on 620 for Hurst Harbor Marina at the turn.

Continue on Clara Van for 1 mile until you come to a forced left turn. Instead of turning left you will see a sign for Hurst Harbor Marina straight ahead. Veer slightly to the left (not a hard left turn) and continue straight to enter the Hurst Harbor private drive. Take that to the parking lot.

Park anywhere in the parking lot. At the right end of the parking lot is the marina office. To the right of the marina office is a ramp which leads down to the marina. Take your things down that ramp. As you descend the ramp, you will see the Sail Austin sailboat. That is your destination!

Get excited about the experience!