Cater With Us!

Sail Austin Charters is pleased to provide very flexible food options. Of course, guests are completely free to bring their own food and beverages (with the exception of “red” drinks – e.g. no red wine or red colored drinks like cranberry juice or Big Red). Full day and overnight charters have a full stove, oven and microwave available for use on board. If you prefer to have Sail Austin cater to your tastes, we ask for 72 hours notice. However, we have been known to jump through hoops if you are caught in a bind…so ask! We have a couple options which we have found work pretty well.

The Captain’s Choice

These are some of the Cap’n’s favorites that are his own personal recipes. Pricing is based on selection. However, it typically runs between $20-25 per person. Let us know what you are interested in having aboard.

  • salads (tuna/salmon/chicken)
  • fresh sliced fruits (pineapple, strawberries, oranges)
  • Cajun shrimp creole
  • Cap’n Tim’s spicy guacamole & chips
  • The Cap’n’s own Desert Garden Hot Sauce ™ & chips
  • Peruvian style ceviche (spicy!)
  • killer chocolate chip/butterscotch/pecan cookies (that’s 1 cookie – not 3 different ones!)
  • chorizo & egg tacos with The Cap’n’s hot sauce
  • pineapple & ham, pita bread sandwiches
  • packaged cookies, crackers and bottled water

Local Restaurants of Your Choice

We are happy to recommend local restaurant favorites for different types of foods or you can pick your own restaurant. You can select from their menus on line and call directly to the restaurants to make arrangements for whatever food you would like to order. You can pay for the food directly to the restaurant in advance and for a service fee of $50 Sail Austin will pick up the selections before your charter and have them at the boat (the fee for restaurants in the central area of Austin is $85 – please ask us before ordering). Again, foods can be warmed on board using the stove, oven or microwave. Some of the more popular restaurants we recommend include:

Outside Catering Service

We are pleased to make available the catering services of The Hills of Lakeway Country Club. The club has a few options for providing first class meals – breakfast, lunch or dinner. Those can be customized to your taste or you may select from their currently published menus. Sail Austin charges whatever cost is passed from the club plus a $50 handling fee which pays for our staff to get the food and drinks from the club and have them available on the yacht. The Hills of Lakeway is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.