Destination charters are true dream experiences

and they are our specialty! Whether it is a trip for your family or a group of friends sharing the cost, you will be overwhelmed by how much you enjoy this unique experience. A key advantage of having Sail Austin arrange your sailing vacation is that you will know your Captain before you commit. And the only thing you need to do … is show up! Your group will meet the Captain prior to the charter to discuss the trip and how to make it exactly what you want.  There should be no surprises when you show up at your destination…especially not a Captain that you don’t know!

Your Captain will arrive at the destination ahead of you and make sure everything is in place for your arrival. You will be met at the airport and brought to the yacht. All provisions will be arranged and on board when you arrive and welcome drinks at the ready! Charter itineraries are agreed upon ahead of time but are always adjustable depending on what you prefer as the charter progresses. After all, it’s your special time! After the charter you will be transported to the airport to head back home. All details are handled by the Captain. So, where in the world is your dream destination? Could it be Fiji or Tahiti or New Zealand?

us_virgin_islands-bigSail the U.S. and British Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are comprised of more than 60 islands and islets at the northern end of the Lesser Antilles, which separate the Atlantic Ocean from the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Rich in pirate folklore, and made famous by the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson, the area offers some of the best sailing to be found anywhere in the world. The smaller islands, many perfect for daytime snorkeling trips as well as overnight stays, add to the mix of tropical delights, where you can be as relaxed or as active as you like. If you like to eat, sleep, drink, snorkel, read, listen to music, walk beaches and sail, then you will love the Virgin Islands. If that sounds too stressful, then stay for two weeks and truly discover island time!

MISC 3Cruise the Abacos

With 29 islands, 661 cays and nearly 2,400 islets, The Bahamas is a true sailor’s paradise steeped in both history and lore. This is where Italian explorer Christopher Columbus first made landfall in the New World on October 12, 1492. Departure point is from Great Abaco Island at Marsh Harbor, providing a gateway to the incredible sailing grounds offered by the islands. The Abacos chain is formed in a boomerang shape and stretches nearly 130 miles from Walkers Cay in the north, to Hole-in-the-Wall in the south. The islands lie roughly 175 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida, and 106 miles north of Nassau. The outer cays and islands create naturally protected waters commonly referred to as the Sea of Abaco.

Mykonos-greek-islands-15723577-1600-1200Explore the Greek Islands

The name for the Dodecanese Islands comes from the Greek word for “twelve,” because there are 12 major and 120 minor islands located in the southern Aegean Sea, off the Turkish coast. Kos and Rhodes have been thriving centers of commerce for centuries. At the Kos Marina, we will pick up a yacht and cruise the islands to Rhodes. No matter where you go in Greece or in the Greek Islands, you will find majestic culture and abundant natural beauty. And with Turkey only a 30 minute ferry ride away, you can combine two countries in one dream destination sailing vacation. Experience the sailing vacation of a lifetime with the help of Sail Austin Charters and the Captain that you will know before you go.

croatia-dubrovnikDiscover Croatia

More than 1,200 islands dot the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia, easily making it one of the most delightful sailing locations in all Europe. Croatia’s intricate coastline and its offshore islands provide shear cliffs and dramatic reefs, protected inlets and anchorages throughout. But out of all those islands, only about 50 are inhabited. There are three prime sailing regions in Croatia: Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. Sailing base operations are centrally located along the Adriatic in the cities of Sibenik and Trogir. Although Croatia and the Adriatic may not yet be well known to North American sailors, the country offers true sailing adventures, and Sail Austin Charters stands ready to make those sailing dreams a reality