Our sailing curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual. Some people are looking for an introduction to sailing and others are wanting to prepare to bareboat in remote locations such as the Virgin Islands. There are many sailing certification courses available each of which have different levels of recognition within and outside of the United States. The most recognized is that offered by the United States Coast Guard. If you are looking for a certification, you need to closely study the credentials offered by each of the organizations offering certification and then make your selection. Not all certifications are as recognized throughout the country and other locations of the world. Depending on your needs, the best selection will likely vary. Feel free to call and discuss that if you are considering seeking a particular certification.

Sail Austin does not offer a particular certification but instead offers two levels of instruction both of which are personalized to the needs of the student. First, we offer an introduction to sailing which is really geared to help the student determine their level of interest in the sport. Second, we offer large keelboat sailing designed to help the student learn the particular nuances of handling large boats typically found in the bareboat chartering industry.

If you are trying to determine your level of interest in sailing or how to handle that first boat, the introductory instruction will help you make that decision. We can even teach you on your boat! For those who are wanting to do a bareboat charter, we can introduce you to large keel boat sailing on our 45′ Hunter Passage, Quintessence. Contact us today for details!